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The income of many single-parent families falls below the poverty level. Even with welfare/government aid, these families struggle to make ends meet due to the rising cost of living and the number of mouths to feed. Living becomes a question of survival. Thus there is need to come alongside these families to empower and provide better care for their children.

Child sponsorship is a powerful vehicle for the transformation of these families. Through the C4C program, children are given access to additional tutoring, better healthcare and protection, and greater opportunities to develop their inner person and talents. These translate into a wholesome and improved quality of life.

Sponsorship is especially important for older children, as it can make that difference between whether they further their education, or enter the workforce immediately to supplement the family income.

  • How does child sponsorship work?

In our C4C programme, you will be responsible for a child through a monthly gift of RM150.

AgapeCARE determines the eligibility for sponsorship by assessing the family’s background, income, number of dependants, financial commitments and special needs of the children. Once the family is able to stand on its own, the assistance provided through child sponsorship will cease.

You will receive your child’s profile and photograph.

  • How long will the sponsorship last?

The commitment for each child is one year. If you decide not to renew your sponsorship at the end of the year, kindly notify us so that we can assign a new sponsor to ensure continuity. On the other hand, if your sponsored child no longer needs your direct help, you will be duly informed and given the option to sponsor another child instead.

  • Will I personally get to know my sponsored child?sponsorsponsee

Your level of involvement and the extent to which you would like to build a relationship with your sponsored child is entirely up to you.

However, we ask that all contact and correspondence be made through our office, and no personal contact details be exchanged with the child. This is to avoid situations where the child’s family may contact you directly to ask for additional funds or assistance. As part of our child protection policy, the child should not at any time be removed from his or her school, home or from AgapeCARE centre.

All contributions and donations received will be 100% channeled to the recipient. AgapeCARE will oversee all expenditure and disbursements to ensure that the funds are used strictly for their intended purposes.

*All donations to AgapeCARE qualify for tax exemption.


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