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“serving society with love, care and compassion”

LIFEline is a ministry that seeks to address the needs and issues of unplanned pregnancies. We do this by helping unwed mothers in their crises through direct assistance or indirect referral services. We also partner with other related NGOs to provide information and education resources that would empower youth for an informed and responsible lifestyle. LIFEline aims to serve in a caring, sensitive and confidential manner in all aspects of our ministry.


ASSISTANCE: Practical support and counselling by direct assistance or referral to relevant agencies.

ADOPTION: A resource to put up ‘unwanted’ babies for adoption as an option as opposed to abortion or abandonment. Ongoing support will be offered during the woman’s pregnancy, birth and post-delivery for as long as desired.

ACCESS: Supplying media materials that will provide youth with information related to sex and crisis pregnancies. Programmes are also hosted to encourage a lifestyle of informed, wise and responsible choices.

ADVANCEMENT: Offering skills training and personal enhancement for those who dropped out of school/ college due to crisis pregnancies. Assistance will be given for enrolment into skills training programs, or for continuation of education at relevant educational institutions.
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