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What is H.O.P.e shop?

H.O.Pe stands for “Helping Other People enterprise”. It is a project to provide an avenue for single mothers, the disabled and poor to market their products. It is also a place for employment opportunities and skills training.

Objectives of H.O.P.e shop

  • To develop a caring society by creating awareness of the plight of others and how everyone can play a part in helping other people
  • To create opportunities for our clients by helping them to help themselves
  • To partner corporations and businesses with a social conscience that are committed to helping other people
  • To instill social responsibility in consumers that they can still shop and help other people at the same time

How does H.O.P. e shop help other people?

  • To seek new markets and provide an avenue for our clients to market their products
  • To provide employment opportunities for our clients in the production process or as sales personnel
  • To provide skills training and transfer of knowledge and skills to our clients.

Who are you helping when you buy from HOPe shop?

  • Single mothers and their children
  • People with disabilities
  • Poor families

How you can help?

  • Buy what you need at H.O.Pe shop
  • Tell other people about H.O.Pe shop
  • Tell us about other people who can be a part of H.O.Pe shop
  • Tell us about other companies/businesses that would like to partner with H.O.Pe shop
  • Be a trainer to impart your knowledge/skill to the needy
  • Be a sponsor to underwrite cost of production
  • Be a volunteer to help promote sales at H.O.Pe shop

The cookies made by the beneficiaries were sold at Mahkota Parade Melaka.


Our bakery chefs in action...


Newspaper coverage on the event.


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