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1. SOAR Project (Engage and Empower)

A tablet loan project to empower and engage underprivileged students with e-learning tools and resources to enable them to soar to greater heights. Besides loaning of tablets and sponsoring data plans which enable students to attend online classes, students are also engaged in an online interactive English programme which aims to improve their ability and confidence to engage in conversations in the language. Apart from that, students who need tuition support are given education sponsorships.

2. Child sponsorships - Care for a Child (C4C)

Sponsorship of RM 150 per month per child will help children get an education, stay in school longer and access to after school care, tuition support ,data plan and equip them with knowledge and skills.

3. Back-to-school assistance

Assisting families with back-to-school expenses such as purchasing school uniforms, bags and shoes

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